Did The Des Moines Police Assassin Kill Over A Confederate Flag?

A man named Scott Greene claimed he was assaulted by black fans at an Urbandale High School football game in mid-October while flying a Confederate flag.

Officers told Greene that other people reported that he was the instigator. He was then escorted from the stadium and banned from Urbandale High School.

Greene claims he was “abused” by officers during this incident. This was clearly false.

A man named Scott Michael Greene is the sole suspect in the murder of an Urbandale police sergeant and a Des Moines police officer overnight. Is this the same man?

If so, is he really so petty that he would murder police officers over issuing a trespassing citation after he instigated a racial incident by flying a Confederate flag in front of a group of black fans?


Murder suspect Greene, 46, is being sought by investigators. Greene is 5’ 11” / 180 lbs with brown hair and green eyes. Greene was last known to be driving a blue 2011 Ford F-150 with Iowa license plate 780 YFR. The truck has a silver-colored topper with a ladder rack.

Greene is believed to be armed and should be considered dangerous. If seen, please do not approach Greene, but call 911 and report his location.

Update: Suspect has surrendered.