BREAKING: Trump Rushed Off Stage During Security Threat At Reno Rally

Donald Trump was rushed off stage by Secret Service agents moments after addressing heckler in the crowd while giving a speech in Reno, Nevada.

“We have one of those guys from the Hillary Clinton campaign,” Trump claimed as he shielded his eyes from the spotlights so that he could look into the crowd. “How much are you being paid? $1,500?”

Trump then seemed to listen to the man—what he was saying could not be heard in the audio—and then said, “Alright, take him out,” in an apparent call to security.

Trump then restarted his speech and spoke a few lines before shading his eyes to look into the audience again, at which point Secret Service agents rushed out both wings of the stage, shouted  “Go!” and escorted Mr. Trump to safety.

Two men were escorted out of the rally under heavily armed guard, and Trump came back on stage to resume the rally.

People on social media and even some less responsible members of the media are claiming that there was an assassination attempt thwarted, but there is simply no evidence of anything other than heckling and a scuffle at the time.

No weapons have been found, and the Secret Service was merely acting out of an abundance of caution.