BUYING YOUR SLAVERY: Billionaire-Supported Gun Control Initiatives Lead In Four States

Hiding behind a phalanx of heavily-armed private security guards, hypocritical billionaire anti-gun zealot Michael Bloomberg has pumped millions into gun control ballot measures in four states. Sadly, it looks like his bid to infringe upon the rights of his fellow citizens may be succeeding.


Gun control-related ballot measures in four states are expected to pass on Tuesday, opinion polls show, after gun safety advocates poured a massive amount of money into backing the initiatives.

In Maine and Nevada, residents will vote on whether to mandate universal background checks for firearm sales, including private handgun transactions.

If those two measures pass, half of all Americans would live in states that have such expanded checks. Eighteen states and Washington, D.C., have already approved similar laws.

Voters in Washington state, meanwhile, will consider allowing judges to bar people from possessing guns if they pose a danger to themselves or to others, such as accused domestic abusers. In California, a referendum would ban large-capacity ammunition magazines and require certain people to pass a background check to buy ammunition.

So, 18 states have “universal” background checks, and two more will make “half” the states? Did ten states succeed overnight without me noticing?

The background checks initiatives in Maine or Nevada will have no impact on criminals, as criminals do not obtain firearms by legal transfers in the first place. Univers background check laws do function as a de facto gun registry, which will allow the government to know precisely who owns specific firearms. This list will be useful for gun control supporters as they push to ban certain firearms (such as so-called “assault weapons,” or any other firearm they can demonize), so they will know who to target if they dare try confiscation.


Just as concerning are the initiatives in Washington state and California.

Washington’s Initiative 1491, which was loosely modeled after domestic violence restraining orders, is ripe for abuse. It allows bitter estranged spouses and ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends to drag law-abiding citizens into court and make their lives a living nightmare.

In California, Proposition 63 looks to confiscate standard capacity magazines from citizens, and forces citizens to beg permission from the government to buy ammunition for firearms they already legally own.

Our Founding Fathers would be appalled at all of these laws.

These are not laws for citizens, but for subjects.

Sadly, we seem to be turning into a nation of cowards.

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