Coked-Up Gunman Killed After He Ambushed Police Near CA Voting Sites

A cocaine-fueled gunman opened fire near two voting sites in southern California yesterday afternoon, murdering one of his neighbors and wounding several others, then lurked in ambush until officers arrived to help the wounded.

 A gunman was killed after he opened fire in an Azusa neighborhood Tuesday afternoon, killing one man and critically injuring two women, as well as prompting the closures  of two polling places and a lockdown at a middle school, authorities reported.

It was unclear what prompted the 45-year-old suspect to start shooting, but family members told KTLA he was high on cocaine.

The Los Angeles Times reported the suspect walked out of his home and randomly started shooting at people in his neighborhood.

One woman was shot in the face, the other woman suffered shots to her body, Sheriff’s Lt. John Corina said. Police said the two women, ages 59 and 67, were in critical condition and airlifted to local hospitals.

After being struck by a stray bullet, police said one of the female victims went running to neighboring houses screaming for help.

The male victim, who police said was the suspect’s 77-year-old neighbor, died in an ambulance while he was being taken to a hospital.

Police said an elderly couple was found in the back home located on the property of where the shooting took place, but they were not injured.

Five Azusa police officers, and one officer from neighboring Irwindale police, were involved in the shooting, but no officers were injured, Hunt said.

According to the LA Times, when officers responded to the scene to tend to the victims, the suspect was hiding and opened fire once the officers were in sight.

The suspect was later found dead inside his home after being hit during the gunfire exchange with officers, police said.


The coked-up killer is said to have been a military veteran wearing “black combat gear” (whatever that means) and armed with several handguns and an “assault rifle.” He fired approximately 20 rounds at officers before he was killed, but injured no one.

The shooting was not thought to be related to the election, and a motive for the shooting has not been established.