"Experts" Think Wisconsin College Students Are Drunks, Shouldn't Carry Guns

A “panel of experts” at the University of Wisconsin are very concerned that students there are nothing more than a bunch of drunks who simply can’t be trusted to practice concealed carry responsibly.

In many states across the country, legislation that allows concealed carry, a license which grants an individual the ability to covertly carry a gun on them, has already been passed. The addition of guns on campuses has caused students, staff, faculty and parents to worry, especially after mass school shootings such as Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook.

A panel of experts gathered at Union South Monday evening to discuss concern over the possibility of legalizing concealed guns on college campus.

Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, an expert on the panel, said having concealed carry in schools is a top priority for President-elect Donald Trump. Trump believes the lack of concealed guns in schools is a safety problem, since individuals are unable defend themselves from potential shooters, Taylor said.

“Police officers train and train and train with guns to be accurate, and guess what? They still aren’t that accurate,” Taylor said. “Can you imagine people who are not trained, really, to shoot a gun?”

Panel experts showed concern in regard to the addition of guns at the University of Wisconsin, which has a large drinking culture. Samara Safarik, a member of the gun-reform group Moms Demand Action, said the combination of alcohol and guns is unsafe.

Safarik said about half of college students have had a drink in the last month and a slightly lower amount of students binge drank on occasion.

College students do indeed drink. My roommates and I certainly did. We also had—if my memory serves me correctly—a .30-’06 Remington I used for deer hunting, two 12-gauge shotguns, several semi-automatic handgun, a cap-and-ball revolver, two compound bows, a blowgun, and dozens of knives of different kinds.

Somehow we survived, because we knew alcohol and guns don’t mix.

Their “panel of experts” was able to find precisely one incident nationwide of a student with a concealed carry permit having a negligent discharge on campus, and alcohol was not a factor. In other words, they have suppositions, but no evidence to support their contentions.

I frankly find it hilarious that the reporter saw fit to label this panel as “experts,” as there wasn’t a single firearms expert on the panel.  Instead, we had three politicians, an English professor, and a gun control advocate.

The most amusing part of this panel of ignorance was when Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison claimed that, “police officers train and train and train with guns.”

Uh, no. They decidedly do not “train and train and train” in the majority of the country. Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of agencies (and sub-commands within some larger metropolitan departments) who really care about getting their officers up to a relatively high level of competency, but they are few and far between.

If this panel of “experts” were actually experts, they’d know that the majority of your concealed carriers on campus are going to be faculty members, graduate students, upper classmen, and veterans or other older students, all 21 and up. The hardcore drunks and drug abusers don’t typically make it past a year or two of school before flunking out or dropping out, and those that remain don’t tend to have any interest in firearms.

Campus carry has proven to be a non-issue everywhere it has been implemented, and this fear-mongering by poorly-educated dimwits has to stop.