He Almost "Helped" Her To Death

Remind me to never ask this guy for help.

A Hollis man who shot and wounded a woman as he was trying to defend her from an assault by her boyfriend Tuesday night has not been charged, according to police.

Joshua Weldon, 30, fired his handgun multiple times as he tried to help 32-year-old Andria Richardson during the assault outside her home on River Road in Hollis, said Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety. McCausland would not say whether it was an accidental shooting because the case remains under investigation.

State police detectives arrested 30-year-old Ryan Gilliken of Hollis, Richardson’s boyfriend, on Wednesday. He has been charged with domestic violence assault and a second count of assault on Weldon.

McCausland said the altercation took place at a home on River Road in Hollis, also known as Route 35, around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. Gilliken shares the home with Richardson and her three young children, who were home when the assault took place, according to state police. Weldon rents an apartment on the property.

Richardson was transported to Maine Medical Center in Portland where she underwent surgery. She is expected to recover. Her condition was not available Wednesday evening.

Richardson and Gilliken got into an argument, and Gillikin assaulted her. Weldon thought he’d try to be her white knight, and introduced himself into the situation, armed with a handgun. Perhaps Weldon thought Gilliken would be intimidated into stopping his assault by the presence of Welson’s handgun. It didn’t work out that way.

Instead of being cowed, Gillikin came at Weldon and attacked him. Apparently having neither composure nor confidence nor competence, Weldon just started blasting away in a panic.

In doing so, he nearly killed Andria Richardson, hitting her five times. Weldon did not hit his actual target, alleged abuser Ryan Gilliken, even once.

On the bright side, Weldon didn’t many to shoot any of Richardson’s three children, who were home at the time.


Gilliken was arrested and charged with assault on Weldon and domestic violence assault on Richardson.

Weldon, our incompetent hero, will not face criminal charges, but may very well end up bankrupt for shooting Richardson. She will likely have to file suit against him due to expensive medical bills and rehab costs.

Folks, never introduce a gun where it isn’t warranted, especially when you lack the training and composure to do so confidently and competently.

This could have just as easily resulted in Weldon putting a fatal shot into Richardson or her children.