BREAKING: San Antonio Officer Assassinated By Black Lives Matter Terrorist

A San Antonio (TX) police officer who was sitting in his vehicle writing a ticket for a motorist was just executed by a 5’7″-6″0″ black male, wearing a gray hoodie with baggy black pants.

A San Antonio police officer was fatally shot in the head Sunday during a traffic stop across the street from the department’s downtown police headquarters.

The officer was shot about 11:40 a.m. on West Nueva Street and Santa Rosa Street.

Chief William McManus said a black vehicle pulled up behind the officer’s squad car while the officer was inside writing a ticket.

A man stepped out of the car, walked over to the officer’s car and shot him in the head. The gunman then reached into the squad car and fired a second time.

The man then got into his car and fled.

This is everyone’s worst nightmare,” McManus said. “You never want to see anything like this happen. Unfortunately, like Dallas, like Baton Rouge, it’s happened here now.”

The reference to Baton Rouge and Dallas makes the Chief’s suspicions clear: this is yet another killing from a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

The unprovoked assassination mimics more than a dozen attempted murders of law enforcement officers with terrorists loosely affiliation with the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter, some of which, like Dallas and Baton Rouge, have been disgustingly successful.

Update: The victim of the attack has been identified as Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50, a 20-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department. Marconi is the seventh Texas police officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year, and the 57th in the country in 2016.

Update: The San Antonio Police Department has released this photo of the suspect.