Attempted Cop-Killer Dies in Shootout with St. Louis Police

The suspect in the attempted assassination of a St. Louis police officer last night was shot and killed during a gunfight as he attempted to escape from undercover officers who had tracked him down.

A man being sought as a suspect in the shooting of a St. Louis police officer Sunday night was shot and killed in a shootout with police early Monday.

Undercover officers had found the suspect’s car abandoned at a parking garage at Laclede’s Landing, police said. A woman had picked him up there and officers tracked their vehicle to the intersection of Smiley and Leola avenues in St. Louis. The suspect, about 19 years old, apparently realized he was being followed, jumped out of the car and fired a shot at the officers, striking the windshield of their pickup truck.

The suspect ran and officers pursued. He was killed in front of a house about 100 yards up the street, police said, about 12:45 a.m.

The suspect’s identity was not immediately released. The woman was in custody.

He was being sought for questioning in the shooting of a St. Louis police sergeant about 7:30 p.m. Sunday near Hampton and Pernod avenues. A driver had pulled up next to the sergeant’s SUV and opened fire.


St. Louis police officials have not released how they knew the suspect had ditched his car in the parking garage or how the undercover officers knew to look for the second vehicle with the suspect’s female accomplice.

It will be very interesting to see if the suspect and his accomplice had this attempted assassination planned out in advance, or if the suspect only called the woman for assistance after he carried out his attack.

It will also be interesting to see if the suspect spoke with his accomplice or others or left social media clues as to why he attempted to assassinate police. There have been more than a dozen attempts to ambush/assassinate police officers in the past six months. The supermajority of those were carried out by suspects tied to black nationalist/Black Lives Matter movements, including the incidents in Dallas and Baton Rouge immediately mentioned by San Antonio Police Chief William McManus after Detective Benjamin Marconi was assassinated yesterday morning.

There were a total of three attempted murders of police officers yesterday. In addition to the murder of Detective Marconi in San Antonio and the attempted murder of the police sergeant in St. Louis, a Sanibel Island (FL) officer was ambushed as he sat in a squad car writing a ticket.


Officer Jarred Ciccone suffered a minor wound to the shoulder in that attempted murder, and the shooter was tracked down and taken in custody after being shot twice in his home after being tracked down by Sanibel Island officers.