OH MY: CZ Thinks It Has A Glock Killer In The P10C

Let me get this out of the way: I’m a big fan of CZ’s two hammer-fired DA/SA polymer-frame pistols, the full-size P09 and the  P07 compact. The P07 has been my constant companion as my class gun of choice and EDC pistol for most of the year, and I was thrilled to shoot a P09 customized by Cajun Gun Works in Citizen Defense Research’s Armed Parent/Guardian Class. They’re solidly made, reliable, accurate, and the controls of the pistol fit my hands perfectly.

In short, I’m a fan.

Because of that, I was very interested when Tim Harmsen at The Miltary Arms Channel dropped a video featuring an exclusive first look at the CZ P10C, a radical departure from CZ’s product line, and their first striker-fired polymer pistol.

The P10C seems to be aimed squarely at the compact concealed carry market dominated by the Glock 19, and is even allegedly designed to fit in G19 holsters. CZ also seems quite confident that they’ve got Gaston Glock’s number, as their advertising campaign for the new pistol is aimed like a laser at Glock’s “Perfection.”


“Improving on Perfection?”

Oh, my. It’s on.

I’ve got to say that I’m both shocked and amused at CZ’s chutzpah in “striking at the king” when they only have one pistol in the country at the time. It’s incredibly aggressive.


But what if they pull it off?

Glock has been resting on their laurels for years, and someone is eventually going to overtake them.

Glock once dominated the police handgun market because they had an innovative design and aggressively went after opportunities to push their guns into the law enforcement market. Now there are several companies who offer more innovative polymer-framed firearms, and who are willing to be far more aggressive in putting their guns into the hands of officers.

I don’t think there is any risk of Glock rapidly falling out of the market any time soon, but history shows us that companies either innovate, or they die. Offering a new caliber or barrel length every few years—or finally making a single stack gun a decade after the market demanded it—isn’t innovating. It’s treading water.

Is the P10C going to be the gun that knocks Glock from it’s pedestal atop the American handgun market? I have no idea. It’s an incredibly tall order, but they seem to feel confident, and they’re got my attention.

This is going to be fascinating to watch.