Failed President Really Angry He Failed To Gut Constitution In Eight Years

Barack Obama said in an interview with CNN yesterday that he was very disappointed that during his two terms in office he utterly failed to gut the natural human right to armed self defense.


President Barack Obama said his biggest policy disappointment as president was not passing gun control laws, according to an interview CNN aired Wednesday evening.

“If you ask me where has been the one area where I feel that I’ve been most frustrated and most stymied, it is the fact that the United States of America is the one advanced nation on Earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws,” Obama told Fareed Zakaria in the TV special, “The Legacy of Barack Obama.”

Despite national anger following mass shootings throughout his two terms, Obama was unable to convince Congress to pass legislation that would change those policies, including enhancing background checks and not selling firearms at gun shows and other venues.

Obama was adamant in the days following the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Conn., that he had done all he could to keep the U.S. afloat in the midst of other challenges, including the auto and bank bailout, and did not have the support to push a controversial gun bill now. Obama’s frustration prompted him to take executive action in January 2016.

Obama was “stymied,” all right.

The Golfer-In-Chief was so eager to trample on the core natural and constitutional rights of the American people after Sandy Hook that 1,100 active duty and retired U.S. Army Special Forces felt compelled to gently remind him that he lacked the constitutional authority to implement some of the plans he was rumored to be considering. That same letter contained a clear subtext that they were in the business of creating insurgencies to overthrow tyrants, and that the President may want to check himself before he overstepped his bounds.


The President was much more subdued in the wake of the Green Beret letter, and has been reduced to “executive actions” that have left him as little more than a mewling nuisance.

Instead of destroying the gun culture in the United States, Obama and his supporters in the media have unwittingly convinced more Americans to try out guns and shooting. Calls by politicians to ban certain firearms, accessories, and ammunition have lead to periodic runs on these items.

The mainstream media—supported by “fake news” of an dramatic increase in school shootings thanks to Moms Demand/Everytown’s false reporting, and a self-described gun control propaganda site manufacturing mass shootings—have succeeding in convincing Americans that violent crime with firearms is increasing. Instead of creating a public outcry for greater gun control, however, the collusion between anti-gun progressive Democrats, their allies in the mainstream media, and gun control groups backfired spectacularly.


Instead of driving suburban moms to call for gun control, the conspiracy instead convinced them that they needed to buy firearms to protect their families, and obtain training on how to use those firearms as well.


Thanks in large part to this failed fear-mongering conspiracy, the number of licensed  concealed carriers in the United States has surged to 15 million. That’s a surge of 9 million new concealed carriers since 2010.

Thanks, Obama!

In addition to invigorating the handgun market, Obama’s threats against what he considers “assault weapons” have driven the public to make the AR-15 family of firearms the best-selling rifle in the United States, year after year. Civilians are estimated to own more than ten million of these easy-to-use “modern muskets” thanks to the President’s attempt to demonize them. Purchasers have come to discover that the rifle is actually more of an open-source platform than just a fixed gun, and many people have found a great deal of joy building these rifles from scratch or customizing them to fit their needs as trainers, self-defense carbines, precision competition rifles, sporting rifles, hunting rifles, and all-purpose plinkers in calibers ranging from the tiny .22LR up through the thumping .50 Beowulf.


Barack Obama didn’t just spectacularly fail in his bid to gut the Second Amendment, he actually served as a catalyst that led to the fastest, widest, and deepest spread of gun culture ever documented in American history.

obama toast

Raise a glass in celebration, Mr. President.

You completely failed, and in doing so, you ensured the success of the right to bear arms.

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