Crying Wolf Over Imagined Gun Gets Senior Slain In Bakerfield

Rogelio Serna is livid today, and he has every right to be.

A paranoid woman and her husband in Bakersfield (CA) SWATted his 73-year-old father to death, falsely reporting to 911 that Francisco Serna, a man in the early stages of dementia, was armed with a revolver.


A 73-year-old man in the early stages of dementia was killed by a Bakersfield police officer after a neighbor called 911 and erroneously reported the man was carrying a revolver, authorities said Tuesday.

The officer fired seven rounds toward Francisco Serna, who died just feet from his home.

But when police searched Serna for a gun, they found only a dark, faux wood crucifix.

“My dad did not own a gun. He was a 73-year-old retired grandpa, just living life,” Serna’s son, Rogelio Serna, said. “He should have been surrounded by family at old age, not surrounded by bullets.”

The shooting early Monday has sparked anger and grief in the San Joaquin Valley and drawn questions about how police respond to the elderly and people with disabilities. It prompted Bakersfield’s newly named police chief, Lyle Martin, to address the criticism and reveal details about the incident.

“I cannot tell you enough that this community is affected by Mr. Serna losing his life,” Martin said. “This is a tragic incident.”

About 12:30 a.m., a woman arrived at her home in the 7900 block of Silver Birch Avenue, the same block as Serna’s home, and began removing items from a vehicle, Martin said. When Serna approached her, he was acting bizarrely and had one hand in his pocket, according to Martin. Police said she saw a black- or brown-handled object that she believed was a firearm.

The woman ran inside her home and told her husband to call police. The husband told a 911 dispatcher that a man outside had a revolver and had brandished the weapon.


Thank you, California. Thank you, mainstream media.

You have lied about the nonexistent “gun violence epidemic” in the country for so long, so convincingly, that dim-witted twits see doddering old men walking around with their hands in their pockets and mistake him for the boogeyman.

Francisco Serna is dead because a moron imagined she saw a gun, and her lying coward of a husband of a embellished her delusion into a revolver being brandished in a 911 call that amounted to nothing more or less than this couple SWATting an innocent old man.

But they’e not done yet, ladies and gentlemen!

Two police officers responded just after 12:40 a.m. As officers and the couple stood outside, the woman spotted Serna exiting his home across the street.

Martin said she pointed toward Serna, saying, “That’s him.”

The couple rushed inside their home and closed their doors.

Having now lied to the police about Serna having a gun and siccing the officers on him, they bravely ran away, the Sir Robins of Suburbia.

The officers, unfortunately, gave credence to these gun-imagining cowards, and treated Serna as a credible threat. His dementia perhaps affecting his ability to comprehend and react appropriately to police commands, Francisco Serna was set up to die by his neighbors.

The officers took cover.

Serna kept both hands in his jacket and continued walking toward police, who ordered him to stop and show his hands. Serna ignored the officers’ commands, police said.

When Serna was about 20 feet away, after ignoring commands to stop, Officer Reagan Selman fired seven rounds at Serna, Martin said.

Serna was struck and fell in the driveway. He was pronounced dead, just across the street from his home.

Officials said that about 30 seconds had elapsed between the woman identifying Serna and the officer opening fire. By then, five more officers had responded and saw the shooting. None of the other officers fired any rounds, Martin said.

It was Selman’s first police shooting since joining the force in July 2015. He and the six other officers were placed on routine administrative leave.


We’re assuredly going to have a very thorough investigation of Officer Reagan Selman’s actions, along with an assured public character assassination that portrays him as a bloodthirsty, trigger-happy monster.

Where, however is the outrage for the two liars that conjured up an imaginary revolver, claimed he brandished it, and sent seven police officers on a collision course with an innocent old man?

Make no mistake that Officer Reagan Selman pulled the trigger that killed Francisco Serna.

It was his neighbors, however, who aimed the gun at Mr. Serna’s head, and they should be named and shamed for the lies that destroyed two families.

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