Gun Control Supporters Are Just This Nasty And Threatening

Conservative talk show host and author of Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America Dana Loesch and Texas state representative Jonathan Strickland are among the harassment targets of a gun control group called The Betsy Riot.


Each received an “Christmas card” a disturbing message of violence.

WARNING: Graphic images below.




An irate Loesch posted her response to Facebook.

Why do I carry? Because gun control nuts are now harassing & threatening me & my family at my home address. My youngest son opened this. #2A

*Also, yes, I know this is graphic. This is the kind of harassment with which we deal frequently. It’s also a federal crime. I’m currently in the middle of a stalking case involving another individual who called our home; warrants are being issued and I’m preparing to take the individual to court. This will also be pursued.

Rep. Jonathan Strickland of District 92 in Texas received the same card, and was similarly appalled.

We just received this unmarked “Christmas Card” to our home address. Thank God my young children did not open it first. What kind of sick liberal would send such a thing? Disgusting.

I’ve bumped into Betsy Riot supporters on Twitter, and have been less than impressed. They’re vulgar and foul-mouthed and threatening and frankly, they’re not very bright.

They’ve also apparently stepped over a legal line this time as sending threats via the mail is a federal crime.


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