Up to 30 Shots Fired In Squad-Sized Home Invasion In Texas

Gun control supporters keep shrieking that we don’t “need” the standard capacity magazines specifically designed for our firearms. The 5-10 home invasion suspects who opened fire on law enforcement responding to a 911 call in Houston last night would clearly agree that they want their victims outgunned.


A violent home invasion turned a suburban neighborhood on Houston’s northside into a war zone, as a mob of young men fired at least 20 rounds at deputies.

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies said the five or 10 suspects involved are on the run this morning, and a homeowner has been hospitalized after he was pistol whipped.

A call to 911 came in around 6:30pm Monday, when a teenager said her father was being attacked by 5-10 men. Inside the home were the man’s three children, the teen who called, and a 5 and 6-year-old.

Deputies rushed to the home on Rosbrook Drive, near Veterans Memorial Drive, and were met with as many as 30 rounds of gunfire.

The sheriff’s office said they did not fire back, but deputies had to take cover to protect themselves.

A perimeter was set up, preventing residents from entering the neighborhood as a SWAT team moved in to end the situation.

A robot and K-9 unit were able to make their way into the home, sending the suspects running through the back door.

Areas around the 700 block of West Road were closed as police looked for suspects in the area.


You’re smart enough to know that a home invasion involving this many suspects isn’t a random occurrence. When an EOD robot made entrance into the building with K9 support they found a substantial amount of illegal drugs, and the homeowner/suspected dealer had been ripped off by the home invasion crew, who had slipped out the rear of the home as officers took cover from incoming gunfire and called in backup units to set up a perimeter.



While certainly unusual in both size and audacity, there seems to be a trend of home invasion crews getting larger and more brazen in their attacks, and this assault by a group large enough to break into fire teams and lay down covering fire is more than mildly concerning.

Our law enforcement deployment strategies (1-2 officers per vehicle) are not designed handle this amount of criminal firepower or this many actors.

I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll see 5-10 man rip crews become the norm, but we’ve seen  burglaries committed by 1-2 individuals when people aren’t home transition to violent home invasions with 2-5 bad actors over the past 10-15 years. While many of those were targeted operations against drug dealers as last night’s attack in Houston was, there have been many notable incidents where home invasion crews have picked their victims at random.

In those circumstances, idiot legislators who arbitrarily declared “one more bullet than ___ is a crime” have put their citizens at a disadvantage to criminal actors. The best way to defeat a criminal home invasion is with concentrated firepower. The criminals want to get rich on an easy score, not get cut down in a hail of gunfire.



Anti-gun Democrats in New York, California, Connecticut, Maryland, and other ban-happy states have given violent criminals a distinct advantage by passing magazine limit laws that law-abiding citizens will comply with, and which violent criminals such as these will ignore.

These legislators are giving criminals the advantage. They do not have your best interests at heart, and only encourage this kind of crime to become more prevalent.

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