Unarmed Good Samaritan Dies, Armed Citizen Shoots Robber In TX

Guns saves lives when good people have them. When good people don’t have guns and bad guys do, bad things happen. We tragically saw examples of both of these statements come true today in a San Antonio  jewelry store robbery that went horribly wrong.

A Good Samaritan was shot and killed trying to stop a robbery. Two armed men attempted to rob Kay Jewelers in Rolling Oaks Rolling Oaks Mall just after 3:30 Sunday.

An unarmed man attempted to stop the robbery and was shot and killed. Another man, who was carrying a licensed concealed weapon, then shot and wounded that robber.

The second suspect fled the scene, shooting as he ran. He is still on the run.

The shooting suspect was transported to SAMC in critical condition. A male and female shooting victim were also transported to SAMC. A woman suffered a heart attack at the scene and another woman went into labor.

A shopper inside the mall told us he heard six shots and saw people fleeing the scene. Officials have asked everyone inside the mall to shelter in place.


I feel a great degree of sympathy for the brave citizen who attempted to intervene in this crime, but attempting to engage two armed robbers when unarmed is tantamount to suicide. Odds aren’t much better for a lone citizen facing two violent armed criminals, but at least you stand a chance while armed.

The armed citizen intervened after seeing the unarmed Good Samaritan shot, apparently fearing for the lives of others (including the man and woman hit by gunfire, along with the woman who had the heart attack and the other woman went into labor).


Hopefully the citizen’s shooting ability that dropped the one robber will provide vital clues that will bring the other to justice, and put both of them on Death Row.