Anti-Trump Protestors Get CRUSHED By Portland Police

Anti-Trump protest group thats was shut down decisively on Inauguration Day by Portland Police using flash bangs, stinger grenades and pepper spray demanded that Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman for ruining their hissy fit. Direct Action Alliance  and Portland’s Resistance said that if Marshman wasn’t fired, they’d “shut the city down.”


These petty Marxists and anarachists apparently attempted to carry out their threat last night, blocking a number of intersections in the city and bringing traffic to a halt.

It didn’t go very well for at least one group of radicals, as a unit of non-nonsense riot police rushed in from behind a city bus, knocked the protestors to the ground, and arrested six of them in front of a crowd of cheering citizens.

You have a First Amendment right to protest here in the United States. You do not have a right to essentially hold people hostage by trapping them in busses and on trollies, preventing them from living their lives.

Expect to see more robust proactive policing now under the new Presidential  administration. Whatever my misgivings are about President Trump as a leader he had made it very clear that he supports law enforcement and he will have the back of law enforcement agencies in this nation attempting to keep the peace.

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