Former UFC Champ Rousey Spotted Bearing Instead of Breaking Arms

Celebrity gossip site TMZ is reporting the former UFC champion fighter Ronda Rousey and her boyfriend, fellow UFC fighter, #10-ranked heavyweight Travis Browne, were spotted in a Las Vegas gun store over the weekend taking a concealed carry class.

Ronda Rousey has come out of hiding with a bang — surfacing at a Las Vegas gun store where she applied for a concealed carry permit … TMZ Sports has learned.

The UFC superstar and her boyfriend, Travis Browne, hit up The Range 702 gun store on Sunday where our gun enthusiast witnesses at the store say Ronda took a special course required to get a concealed carry permit.

Once Ronda applies for the permit, it usually takes around 90 days before she’ll get her card in the mail.

We’re told Ronda did some shooting at the range — which is also required for the test — using a blue Glock 43 9mm pistol.

It’s not uncommon for athletes—even professional fighters near the top of their game—to obtain firearms and concealed carry permits. Having great hand-to-hand skills is a clear asset in a fight, but professional fighters are wise enough to understand that the kind of fighting that occurs with referees and judges in a ring is completely different than what we see during robberies and home invasions, where no tactics or weapons or off limits. A wiry criminal with a gun and a plan is going to beat an unarmed heavyweight fighter almost every time.

Other professional athletes have firearms at their homes for self defense, for hunting, or merely because they like collecting them.

As people in the public eye, they are acutely aware that some people can become obsessed with celebrities and professional athletes. There have been countless incidents of people stalking celebrities both major and minor, and there have unfortunately been a number of home invasions and murders of celebrities by obsessed fans, such as the murder of The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie in June of 2016 during an autograph session.

I’m glad that Ms. Rousey and Mr. Browne have wisely come to the conclusion that their considerable mixed martial arts talents don’t make them immune to the threat of crime, and that they’re exercising their right to bear arms for self defense.

I’m not so sure about the Glock 43 though.

Blue, Ronda?