Long Island Teen Gets Tasered, Faceplants Trying To Escape Cop

If you’ve been busted smoking a joint at school, maybe you should consider simply surrendering to the campus security officer, before something like this happens.


Meyers said police were responding to reports of a crowd fight off school property when officers saw the teen smoking marijuana. The teen ran away from the officers and onto school grounds, according to police. The cell video starts moments later.

In the video, the 16-year-old student can be seen shoving the unnamed officer inside the entrance of the school as students and staff look on. The officer tries to grab the teen, handcuffs in hand, and the teen slips out of his shirt and runs outside.

A few seconds later, the officer pulls out his Taser and fires it at the teen, who is standing nearby. The teen screams and collapses to the ground. He doesn’t appear to be seriously injured as he lies face-down on the sidewalk and responds to the officer’s commands.

A woman can be heard screaming “keep your hands up!” as the officer points the Taser at the teen. He is then placed under arrest.

During the altercation an unidentified man is heard telling the person recording the video to put his phone away, but he refuses and continues recording as the teen is walked away by officers.

The bystander video, a series of video clips, lasts for about 6 minutes, with the altercation taking place in the first minute and the teen being led by officers over the course of the final five minutes.

The end of the video shows the teen handcuffed with a group of Suffolk County officers as they get ready to place him in a police cruiser.

The teen was charged with harassment, resisting arrest and criminal possession of marijuana. He is reportedly a student who takes night classes at the school.


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