"Paging General Wick. General John Wick..."

Oh, my…

Maj. Gen. Darrell K. Williams, commanding general, CASCOM and Fort Lee, fires his 9mm semi-automatic pistol during qualifications today at the installation range complex. Williams joined a handful of Soldiers who fulfilled their yearly weapons qualification at the facility.



While John Wick and the John Wick 2 have been a huge hit with both the general public and firearms enthusiasts thanks to the grueling training Keanu Reeves underwent to prepare for the role, the Center Axis Relock (C.A.R.) technique he uses in several scenes in each film is controversial among firearms trainers, and is certainly not appropriate for military pistol qualifications against stationary targets.

The result is a series of comments mocking the good general relentlessly for his poor grip (too low on the gun) and his Wick-like C.A.R. technique.




I’m sure Maj. Gen. Williams is a fine commander, but it’s going to be a long time before he lives this down, and I think the public relations officer who cleared this photo for public release is about to find himself or herself transferring to serve in Greenland or Antarctica pretty soon.


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