This "New Video" Of Mike Brown Is The Very Definition of "Fake News"

Police and EMS quickly determined that Michael Brown was dead where he fell.

Apparently people need a refresher course in recent history.

Police and EMS quickly determined that Michael Brown was dead where he fell.

This is Mike Brown.

A Ferguson Police officer stands watch over the body of Michael Brown, August 9, 2014.

This is another angle of Mike Brown. You may note that he is lying dead in the middle of a two-lane street in public housing, near the SUV of the police officer he twice attacked.


Brown is no where near Ferguson Market and Liquor Store. This unquestionable reality is why a recent attempt to resurrect controversy surrounding his death is nothing more or less than the very definition of “fake news.”

A group of people gathered outside the Ferguson Market and Liquor Store Sunday night after new surveillance video of Michael Brown was released.

The footage of Brown, the unarmed black teenager shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014, was included in a documentary called “Stranger Fruit” which debuted at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, Saturday evening.

The previously-unreleased surveillance video shows Brown inside the convenience store eleven hours before he was accused of robbing it.

CNN cannot independently confirm the video’s authenticity.

The video, filmmaker Jason Pollock argues, suggests that Brown didn’t rob the store but was instead involved in a drug deal with the clerks. The robbery allegation is what led to the confrontation between police and Brown, which resulted in Brown being killed by Officer Darren Wilson.

In the video, Brown, 18, appears to give the clerks a small bag. The clerks then give Brown a bag with cigarillos, which he takes, but he then turns around and gives it back to them before leaving.
The film suggests Brown did not return later that day to rob the store but rather to get the bag back.

The St. Louis County Police told CNN regarding the video that they “cannot confirm its authenticity at this time.”

“If it did occur, the incident is still irrelevant to our investigation because our department investigated the encounter between Michael Brown and Darren Wilson,” St. Louis County Police told CNN.


CNN Newsroom-HandsUpDontShoot-Dec13-b

Let me see if I can explain this in terms so simple that even CNN anchors and viewers can understand it.

What happened inside the store is utterly irrelevant to Michael Brown’s death.

It doesn’t matter if Mike Brown was a low-level drug dealer. It doesn’t matter if Mike Brown was a strong-arm robber. The strong reality exists that he could very well be both. Neither the drug dealing nor the robbery were the proximate causes of Michael Brown’s death.

Mike Brown was shot because he tried to take a cop’s gun.

The reality that agitators and activists refuse to address is that Mike Brown was shot because he attacked Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, not because he was selling drugs, a half day before, and not because he was a strong-arm robbery suspect.

Mike Brown was first shot inside Wilson’s vehicle after he attacked Wilson and attempted to take his gun.

That first round fired on Wilson’s third attempt to fire, striking Mike Brown in the hand. The blood spatter evidence from that wound is one of the key pieces of physical evidence that supported what happened next. As Mike Brown initially ran away from Wilson’s cruiser, the blood dripping from Brown’s hand feel fell further apart and streaked at an angle as it hit the ground at speed. Wilson then got out of his SUV and commanded Mike Brown to stop. As Brown slowed, stopped, and turned, the blood drops became closer together and fell vertically, leaving more rounded drops. When Brown charged back at Wilson in an apparent second attempt to take Wilson’s gun, the blood drops once again spaced out, but because his forward momentum was in the opposite direction, those drops were pointing the opposite way. Wilson fired every bullet in his gun to stop Brown, missing with many shots but making critical head shots at very close range as Brown lowered his head in an attempt to bull rush right over Wilson.


An image take from the autopsy  showing entry, exit, and reentry wounds to Michael Brown.

The final shot to the top of Browns head came as he lowered it while charging Darren Wilson in second apparent attempt to take the officer’s gun and presumably murder him with it.

Mike Brown was no victim. He was a violent criminal attacking a police officer without provocation, as all the physical evidence and numerous eyewitnesses confirmed.

That Mike Brown allegedly sold drugs at the same store 11 hours before he allegedly robbed it is irrelevant. Even the robbery call itself it irrelevant. All that matters is how Mike Brown reacted to Officer Wilson’s attempt to talk to him.

Brown responded to Officer Wilson’s contact by attacking Wilson and attempting to take his gun. After being shot in his initial attempt to take Wilson’s gun, he then ran a short distance, stopped when the dazed Wilson commanded him to stop, and then attempted to charge Wilson in a second time. It was during this second rush that Michael Brown was shot and killed in a clearly justified defensive gun use.

One thing, and one thing only caused Michael Brown’s death, and that was his repeated violent felony assaults against a police officer during a lawful stop.

Whether Mike Brown was a drug dealer or a robber or both us utterly, completely, irrelevant.

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