Robber Run Over By Victim In Denny's Parking Lot Shoots Self In Face

I hope they have plenty of room at the jail, because I think everyone may be locked up once the investigation into this robbery-turned-road-rage is complete.

A suspected robber accidentally shot himself with his own gun early today when his victim took exception to the crime and ran him over with a car, police said.

The robber was reported in critical condition.

The man, along with a few other men, allegedly tried to rob another man in the Denny’s restaurant at 132nd Street and Hawthorne Boulevard just before 3 a.m., Hawthorne police Lt. Steve Romero said.

The victim jumped into his car and ran down the robber. During that act, the robber’s gun went off.

“Right now it sounds like it was an accidental, self-inflicted (shooting) when he got hit by the car,” Romero said. “They suspect shot himself accidentally.”

The bullet appeared to enter his mouth and exit the front part of his face, Romero said.

The robber’s “buddies” abandoned him and ran. The robbery’s victim – who might now be a suspect as well – drove away. The car was found unoccupied a few blocks away.

The driver who ran the robber down after committing what I think can fairly be described as vehicular assault and felony hit and run has turned himself in to authorities.