Thugs Shoot Up Pizza Joint For The Dumbest Possible Reason

File this one under “criminals don’t think like normal human beings.”

Three teenagers are accused of firing gunshots from a car at a market on D.B. Todd Boulevard in Nashville Tuesday because they were given a pizza with the wrong toppings, according to police.

Djuan Bowers, 18, Tynerick Turner, 17, and a 16-year-old are each charged with 12 counts of aggravated assault, unlawful handgun possession and vehicle theft, police said.

The shots were fired at the D.B. Todd Market from a white Honda Accord police said was reported stolen.

A North Precinct undercover detective was conducting surveillance in the area and witnessed the gunfire at 2 p.m., police said.

The detective followed the car to a house on 32nd Avenue North while calling for backup. The three teens in the vehicle were taken into custody.

During interviews, one of the suspect’s allegedly stated the shots were directed at the market because the clerk had given them them the pizza with the incorrect toppings.

Bowers and Turner are also charged with aggravated robbery for an alleged hold-up Feb. 20 in the 5300 block of Hickory Hollow Lane where a victim was robbed at gunpoint, police said.


When I refer to “thug culture” from time to time, I’m referring to specific cultures where violence is used far as a form of currency and communication far more than in any other parts of society. This thug culture is not bound by race or geography, has a bizarre and nebulous (to us) honor-code, and is quick to commit acts of violence.

For this culture, lashing out violently or committing revenge crimes for even minor perceived slights is commonplace. While shooting up a store for putting the wrong toppings on a pizza sounds crazy to sane, rational, normal people, this violent response made perfect sense to these mouth-breathers, and could even increase their status within this peer group.

We’ll likely hear the names Djuan Bowers and Tynerick Turner again, either when they finally murder someone, or they are cut down by other violent thugs just like themselves.

Know what’s out there, and keep your eyes open.

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