SWAT Team Surrounds Bus On Vegas Strip After Fatal Shooting

Los Vegas Metropolitan Police Department SWAT officers are facing off against a suspect who shot and killed one person and wounded another on the Las Vegas strip as tourists and entertainers have be told to seek cover.


LVMPD SWAT officers are facing down a killer on a Las Vegas bus after he shot and killed one person, and wounded another.

The shooting suspect is barricaded on a bus, and tactical teams and negotiators are on the scene on Las Vegas Boulevard, which is closed between Flamingo Road and Harmon Avenue.

“This incident is being treated as a barricade at this time. There is no credible information that there is a second suspect,” Hadfield said.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel, near where the bus was parked, said its staff was cooperating with police but that it had no other details about the shooting.


Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has been evacuated and parts of it have been locked down. The bus shooting suspect on the bus is believed to be alone, and there do not appear to be any hostages.

Update: There is now more information about the suspect (who has now surrendered) and the attack itself.


The suspect, described as a local man in his 50s with apparent mental health issues, surrendered shortly after 3 p.m. (6 p.m. ET) — more than four hours after the 10:48 a.m. shooting near the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas police spokesman Officer Larry Hadfield said.

“From details or descriptions from the witnesses is that he was on the bus as a rider and all of the sudden he just started shooting at passengers on the bus,” Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts said.

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