Senior Citizen Killed While Loading AK to Shoot Officer

Attempting to load a weapon and point it at law enforcement officers typically ends very poorly.

Lee Pat Milks, 73, died early Wednesday, March 29, from his injuries, according to Chief David Bachman of the Manistee Department of Public Safety.

The case is under investigation by the Michigan State Police, with the officer involved placed on paid administrative leave.

In an earlier release, Bachman stated the officer who usually investigates abandoned vehicles and blight complaints was doing ordinance enforcement late Tuesday afternoon in the area of 2nd and Spruce streets. He came across Milks with a rifle in his hand, who ordered the officer to get away.

The officer called for backup, and Milks refused to put down his weapon, Bachman said.

Before backup arrived, police say Milks began to put a bullet in the chamber of the gun and started to aim it at the officer. The officer responded by shooting Milks; it did not appear that Milks was able to return fire.

It is not known why Milks pulled the semi-auto AKM on the officer. You may notice that the lens cover still is still in place on the rifle’s optic.