Two Arrests Made In Night Club Mass Shooting, And It Isn't Who You'd Expect

Two men were arrested yesterday for last weekend’s deadly nightclub shooting in Cincinnati that left one man dead and 16 others injured, and it turns out that all the shooters didn’t flee the scene as many first assumed.


Two men, one hospitalized in critical condition with gunshot wounds, have been arrested in connection with a nightclub gunbattle that killed one person and injured 16 others, police said on Thursday.

The men face murder charges, with more charges against them expected, police Chief Eliot Isaac said. At least three guns were inside the club, and more arrests are possible following the “senseless shooting,” he said. Investigation and interviews with witnesses are ongoing, he said.

“There is evidence that other individuals were involved in this incident,” Isaac said, declining to go into detail.

Police estimate 200 people were inside the Cameo club near the Ohio River east of downtown Cincinnati early Sunday when a dispute escalated into a gunfight in which more than 20 shots were fired. O’Bryan Spikes, who was 27 years old, died from a gunshot to the chest, authorities said.

Cornell Beckley was apprehended Thursday, while Deondre Davis remained hospitalized with gunshot wounds from early Sunday, Isaac said. Beckley, 27, and Davis, 29, were in custody and couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday, and no attorneys who could speak for them were listed in court records.



Three guns—almost certainly handguns—were recovered inside the nightclub, which despite being a “gun free zones,” has a record of being a hotspot for criminal gunplay, though never to this extent.

The nightclub will close permanently today.

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