Constitutional Carry Bill Passes SC House

A constitutional carry bill sailed through the SC House Wednesday, bringing the state closer to adopting a firearms policy that is rapidly gaining support across the nation.

The South Carolina House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a bill that would allow residents to carry a gun, openly or concealed, without getting a weapons permit.

The controversial bill passed the chamber 64-46 after more than three hours of debate.

If approved by the Senate and signed into law, anyone who is legally allowed to buy a gun to do so without getting a state permit. The bill would keep the states concealed weapons permit program in place so South Carolinians could carry their guns in other states.

The proposed law still bans guns from schools and airports, which follows state and federal laws, bill sponsor Rep. Mike Pitts said.

“The bill is a very simple bill,” Pitts said. “It means, by definition of the Constitution, it gives you the ability to keep and bear arms without having to be permitted by the country.”

The House also approved a bill 80-8 that would allow first responders to carry guns on school property after a one-week training program.

The bill was fast-tracked through committees, and is now on the way to the South Carolina Senate.