Gun Stealing Anti-Trump Psycho Still Eludes Police

Well, he sure seems nice.

The hunt continues Monday for a man suspected of stealing firearms from a Wisconsin gun store who sent an anti-government manifesto to President Donald Trump and has threatened to carry out an unspecified attack, sheriff’s officials said.

Joseph Jakubowski, 32, has been missing since Tuesday, when authorities believe he stole a large quantity of handguns and rifles from the store in Janesville, 70 miles (110 kilometers) southwest of Milwaukee. He also acquired a bulletproof vest and helmet, and a burned vehicle registered to him was found nearby.

Concerns ramped up late last week when a friend of Jakubowski gave a copy of the 161-page manifesto to police and said the suspect had also sent it to the White House. The Rock County Sheriff’s Office said Jakubowski also expressed anti-religious views in the document, and increased patrols near churches in the area Sunday.

“When you look at the document that he wrote, it’s really a long laundry list of injustices he believes that the government and society and the upper class have put forth onto the rest of the citizens,” Sheriff Robert Spoden said last week.

It is not clear if the White House has received Jakubowski’s manifesto.

Investigators say Jakubowski has made no specific threat. He remains at large Monday morning, according to Rock County sheriff’s dispatcher Jenna Winiarski.

As a general rule of thumb, anyone writing a rambling and length manifesto is typically a few fries short of a Happy Meal. While Jakubowski is anti-Trump, anti-religion, anti-cop, and apparently anti-capitalism, there’s no reason to assume he’s a socialist or communist or one of the unhinged anti-Fascist (“Antifa”) loons on the radical left threatening political violence because Donald Trump was elected President.

Wink-wink. Nudge-nudge.

Loon or not, Jakubowski is cunning, as he was able to steal 18 weapons from a gun and and get away with it, and has so far managed to evade authorities for five days. He is armed and dangerous and clearly deranged, and seems intent on harming a lot of people because Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Should you run across Jakubowski, call it in to authorities and keep your distance. Someone this unstable would likely open fire for little or no reason at all.

Let’s hope he’s taken down soon, without a loss of life.