Breaking: 1 Dead, 4 Injured in Blast At Lake City Army Ammo Plant

We’re just getting word of a fatal explosion at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri.

One employee is dead and three others are hurt after an explosion Tuesday in a mixing building at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence.

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant provides quality small-caliber munitions and operates the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) test center.


Lake City is responsible for the manufacture of small arms ammunition for the United States military, and makes more than one billion rounds of ammunition every year to exacting standards. It is the U.S. military’s single largest small arms ammunition plant, and has been run by Orbital ATK under a government contract since April of 2001.

Rudimentary details of the explosion in a (propellant) mixing building make the developing incident sound eerily familiar to the PB Clermont ammunition facility explosion in Belgium in March of 2014 that drove a global ammunition propellant shortage that affected the market for over a year.

The scale of the Lake City blast shown in news helicopter video initially suggests that the scale of the explosion is much smaller and probably less critical than the 2014 Belgian facility explosion, which damaged more than 100 nearby buildings and only avoided a loss of life by occurring after all plant workers had left work at the end of the day.

The Lake City event seems to be more on par with the 2014 explosion at the Rio Ammunition plant outside of Nashville, Tennessee, almost exactly three years ago. That explosion caused similar visible damage and also killed one and injured three others.


We’ll update this story as information develops.

Update: There are now four injuries in addition to the fatality, but all appear to be superficial.

One person is dead and four others are injured after an explosion at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri.

A statement from Joint Munitions Command said that the four people who were injured were evaluated at the scene and refused further treatment. The explosion was in a primer mixing cell.

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