Trump-Hating, Machine-Gun Stealing Left-Wing Nut Job Arrested in Wisconsin

Joseph Jakubowski, who stole an M-16 assault rifle and 17 other weapons from a gun store and sent a 161-page manifesto to the White House where he ranted about his hatred of capitalism and religion and threatened terror attacks against schools and churches has been captured.


Officers caught him near Readstown in southwestern Wisconsin where he’d been camping out, Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden said in a news release. Law enforcement received a call Thursday night about a suspicious man on a farmer’s property there, and tactical officers moved in on Friday morning, Spoden said.

Jakubowski, 32, was arrested without incident. The sheriff said charges against the suspect were coming and a news conference was planned for Friday afternoon.
Jakubowski was accused of stealing 18 guns from Armageddon Supplies, a store near Janesville, on April 4 before he apparently torched his car and vanished, Fox 6 reported. The manifesto bearing his name showed his hatred for religion, a long list of grievances against the government and a desire to carry out unspecified attacks.

Days after the manhunt began, a separate letter mailed by someone claiming to be Jakubowski threatened unspecified violence on Sunday at churches in the Sussex area, about 25 miles northwest of Milwaukee. Rock County sheriff’s officials said they were trying to determine whether the letter was authentic.

WTMJ-TV posted 35 pages of handwritten documents to its website that it said were verified as Jakubowski’s writings by an unidentified law enforcement official. Rock County Sheriff’s Office Commander Troy Knudson said the writings appeared genuine.


It appears that a police tactical unit was able to close in on Jakubowski just at 6:00 AM and take him down without having to fire a shot. It is not yet clear whether Jakubowski’s cache of stolen weapons has been recovered at this time.

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