Handgun Open Carrier Shoots It Out With Birdshot Guy

The Special Olympics of gunfighting kicked off earlier this month with an impromptu contest between handgun open carrier Dindu Nuffin, who was walking down the side of a Dover (DE) road, and Sum Dude, who opened up on him with a shotgun from a passing vehicle.


During the early morning hours Wednesday, a 24-year-old man shot at a vehicle from which the passenger was firing a shotgun at him, Dover Police said later that morning.

According to authorities, the victim was in the 900 block of West North Street, near the Simon Circle Community Building, on April 12, 2017, at about 12:05 a.m. when a vehicle drove by and he saw the passenger holding a shotgun.

The victim took cover and the passenger shot at him, police said, prompting him to return fire with his own legal handgun, which he was openly carrying. The suspect vehicle fled, police said.

The victim suffered minor injuries to his face and hands, and was treated at Bayhealth Kent General Hospital.

Unsurprisingly, the handgun open carrier didn’t have the training and composure to land any hits on his attacker, while the shotgun-wielding dolt caused only superficial wounds as he sprayed the open carrier ineffectively with birdshot in what police suspect was a targeted attack.


Proponents of open carry often argue that openly wearing a sidearm discourages criminals from launching attacks.

That clearly was not the case in this incident, nor in the many stories we’ve covered where open carriers or poorly-concealing concealed carriers were attacked/robber precisely because they were armed and looked inept.

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