NRA Launches Advanced Concealed Carry Training And Insurance Program

The National Rifle Association is launching a new advanced concealed carry training and insurance program to the nation’s 14.5 million concealed carriers.


The National Rifle Association will unveil a new concealed-carry training program along with a new concealed-carry insurance plan during the group’s annual meeting this week.

The new programs, collectively called NRA Carry Guard, will feature advanced training aimed at the more than 14 million Americans who are legally permitted to carry concealed firearms across the country. In addition to the new training program, the NRA will launch a concealed-carry insurance program aimed at the same group of people.

“Of our 5 million members, a lot of those folks carry and they have been clamoring for the NRA to provide an elite product with respect to training, insurance, and education,” NRA spokesperson Bill Powers told the Washington Free Beacon. “The NRA has responded to our members and to the demand of the consumers, gun carrying consumers, that really wanted a first-rate elite program. NRA Carry Guard is an elite training, insurance, and education program. It is the finest in the world. For any citizen who gets up and puts a gun on their hip, Carry Guard is for them.”

NRA Carry Guard will offer three levels of coverage to provide civil and criminal protection in the event of a defensive gun use.


The training portion of the program was developed in conjunction with a cadre of Navy SEALs and Army Green Berets, and will have three levels of training, with the first level classes opening in June.


Our program was developed by elite military veterans in conjunction with law enforcement experts. It consists of three levels of training, with Level One launching in Summer 2017, and Levels Two and Three to follow.

The courses are open to all law-abiding citizens, but truthfully, they’re not for everyone. This is training for those who take carrying seriously—people who want to be more proficient shooters so they can carry concealed with greater confidence. It’s also training for those who know it takes more than a gun to be well-armed and who understand that carrying every day requires discipline, education and a respectful appreciation of the magnitude of drawing the gun from the holster.

The three-day firearms classes will involve scenario-based force-on-force training, low light training, and training to equip students for real-world scenarios. Students can only progress to the second and third tier of training after passing the the preceding classes with an acceptable score.

This is the most in-depth training curriculum that the NRA has ever launched, and is focused specifically on the rapidly growing concealed carry market.

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