In Manhattan State Senator Liz Kruger’s defense, there is no indication she was drunk when she came up with this crackpot idea (my bold below):

Manhattan State Senator Liz Krueger today laid out a novel strategy to undermine opposition to new restrictions on firearms—having gun control supporters join the pro-gun National Rifle Association and act as a Trojan horse.

Ms. Krueger, one of the state’s leading progressive Democrats, called for the creation of the covert cell within the NRA—the nation’s largest pro-firearms lobby—at a pro-gun control event at Hunter College. One of the advocates at the event suggested sitting down with leaders of the NRA to try to identify areas for consensus and compromise, a recommendation Ms. Krueger took a step further.

“I might propose another cultural approach: all of us who actually care about gun violence might want to join the NRA, and create our own forum within the NRA to say ‘we don’t agree with their current policy,’ ” she said.

The Upper East Side state senator argued that gun control advocates might even be able to gain a numerical advantage within the group.

I actually think we outnumber them, by the way. And if, maybe if we all join, and created our own platform, we could switch the dialogue, even within an organization who I think has done so much harm,” she said.

The NRA has more than five million active members.

To give you an idea of the active engagement of these members, 78,865 of those members attended the NRA Annual Convention in Nashville, TN in April, paying their own hard-earned dollars to get there.

Everytown and Moms Demand Action, the two largest gun control groups backed by tens of millions dollars from billionaire gun control supporter Michael Bloomberg, is rumored to have paid the transportation, food, and lodging of “counter-protesters” to demonstrate more than a 1/2-mile away from the convention.

Even with the support of a billionaire, they only drew 120-150 people.

The year prior to that, Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts could only draw roughly 100 people to her anti-NRA rally, even with her “hometown advantage” (Watts lives in the affluent, 98-percent white Indianapolis suburb of Zionsville).

Tell us again, Ms. Kruger, how you have the numbers.

You clearly don’t, and politicians on both sides of the aisle know it. Anti-gun Democrats don’t have the numbers to infiltrate the NRA, and more importantly, they don’t have the votes to affect gun policy in any meaningful way.

That’s why nationwide, there are far more laws being passed in defense and in expansion of gun rights than there are restricting gun rights.

You are losing, and liberty is winning.

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