The hours-long shootout and standoff that erupted when a Philadelphia man opened fire on police officers as they attempted to serve a warrant made for an irresistible story for cable news networks to cover live on Wednesday evening. As the situation unfolded, viewers learned that non only had the suspect shot and wounded six police officers, but two others remained trapped inside the row home, pinned down alongside three individuals they had arrested before the firefight began.

The officers and their prisoners remained trapped inside the house until close to 10 p.m., when they escaped unharmed, with the help of the SWAT Unit. The standoff continued until midnight, when police fired tear gas into the property. [The suspect] Maurice Hill staggered outside with his hands in the air, as cops hollered at him to get down on the ground. He was quickly loaded into a waiting police van.

About 8 p.m., [Police Commissioner Richard] Ross spoke to reporters at Temple University Hospital, where some of the wounded cops had been admitted for treatment. None of the six had life-threatening injuries, he said, although a bullet grazed one officer’s head, and others had been shot in legs and arms. The officers’ names were not released, and all were later released from the hospital.

“Fortunately, everybody’s going to be OK,” Ross said.