I’m convinced the gun control movement is much more interested in putting new laws on the books than it is in ensuring our existing laws get enforced. We’ve got lawmakers who want to put Americans in prison for years for possessing guns without a federal license, or a magazine that they’ve banned, all while guys who threaten to shoot up schools are given slaps on the wrist and sent on their way.

Some Parents in Duluth are petitioning Wednesday after a man who made violent threats and was arrested at a local school won’t see jail time.

Travis Busch, 35 will serve five years of probation after the judge stayed his prison sentence Monday.

Busch was arrested in April after making threats of violence online and via text message. He was found inside Duluth East during a lockdown.

Now, it’s important to note that Busch was found at school because that’s where he worked at the time, and a family member alerted police after Busch sent a series of text messages that talked about engaging in an active assailant attack as well as engaging in a gunfight with police. His attorney called the texts a “cry for help”, not a threat, and Busch pleaded guilty to two felonies in exchange for placement in an in-patient mental health facility instead of a state prison. It’s also important to note that state guidelines call for probation for Busch’s crimes, so the judge didn’t go light on the defendant.

Still, some residents of Duluth and parents of the students at the high school where Busch was arrested are asking the judge do more.

“This very serious threat, personally and many other community members feel the same way as I do, still remains a very serious threat to this community,” says Nicole Bakken, organizer of the petition.

Bakken says the sentencing for Busch puts the community in jeopardy. “An individual who had a concrete plan of a mass school shooting, and the weapons to carry it out. To allow him to walk is just unbelievable.”

Though Busch’s sentence can’t be changed, Bakken created a petition and wrote a letter to Duluth Judge, Theresa Neo asking that Busch be forced to wear an ankle monitor as a term to his freedom.

Is Busch already out of in-patient mental facility? Has he not been placed in a facility yet? I find it hard to believe that Busch pled guilty in July and is already out in September, so maybe he has yet to get treatment, which is another issue altogether. Still, I’ve got bad news for Bakken if she thinks that a GPS monitoring device will allow authorities to keep an eagle eye on Busch. Besides the failures in the system, criminals routinely cut off their devices and authorities don’t find them for days or weeks after they’ve removed the ankle monitors.

But the good news for Bakken is that Busch is now a prohibited person and can’t possess any guns. As supporters of red flag laws have told us, it doesn’t matter if a person is dangerous to themselves or others as long as they don’t have a gun, right? Under the “red flag” theory of violence, Busch’s felony convictions should suffice to make her and others feel safe, even if he’s already back on the streets.