The reason why I demand more than three rounds to defend myself is that I’m not a freaking duck. I’m a human being, I’m an American, and I demand my right to keep and bear enough firepower to protect myself, my family, and my property from multiple threats. Criminals don’t always fly solo. Quite often they work in pairs or even larger groups.

Biden talked about investing $900 million into the 20 cities with the biggest gun violence problems, but he didn’t say where the money would come from, nor did he offer a price tag for his proposed ban and compensated confiscation of millions of firearms and hundreds of millions of magazines. In fact, he didn’t really return to his proposed ban of semi-automatic rifles (unless existing owners register their firearms under the National Firearms Act) at all. Then again, it was hard to find a central theme of Ramblin’ Joe’s time on stage. It’s clear that he cares about the issue of violent crime, and I think he recognizes that gang violence is far more common than active assailant attacks. It’s far less clear that he knows what to do about either one of the issues.