Purdue Researcher Says Larger Gun Magazines Save Lives

Purdue Researcher Says Larger Gun Magazines Save Lives

Researcher J. Eric Dietz with Purdue University’s Homeland Security Institute says that the latest research at his lab indicates that magazine bans may cost lives, not save them, when it comes to defending yourself. According to Dietz, computer modeling that tested survivability of a home invasion demonstrated that, the larger the magazine you the homeowner possessed, the greater the chance of you surviving the invasion of your home.

“With the way we had the modeling set up, every single [additional] round added to the capacity. So, theoretically, even a hundred round magazine would have continued to add capacity. This is not really new. Anybody who’s got military or law enforcement time knows more guns in a gun fight on the friendly side are good and the outcome is usually better because of that. So I think this reinforces maybe our gut reaction to the magazine bans and the magazine capacity issue overall.”

Magazine bans are favored by every Democrat running for president, and also generally draw high levels of support in public polling. When politicians, pundits, or even your anti-gun neighbor claim there’s no good reason for you to own a magazine over 10-rounds, or 5-rounds, or 7-rounds, or whatever their magic number of the day may be, here’s a really good reason: I want to survive if I’m attacked in my home. Dietz says they were “absolutely able to show” that having a larger magazine increases those odds.

The researcher says he and his team are currently in the process of getting this researched published, and says he wants to make the information available to as many people as possible.

“We’re hoping that we can continue to do this work, to show the value of a firearm and technology in the hands of the firearms owner that is just trying to protect their home.”

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