Billed As A Town Hall, CNN Hosts Gun Control Rally Instead

You’d think after last year’s disastrous “town hall” hosted by CNN in the immediate aftermath of the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the cable news network might have been a little less biased with Wednesday night’s encore performance. Unfortunately, the network doubled down on its anti-gun advocacy right from the start.

After the incredible bias on display last year and the vitriol directed at Dana Loesch, not to mention CNN’s defense of disgraced former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, it’s no wonder the NRA decided to pass on another one-sided “town hall”. Chris Cuomo proved that they were right to do so by saying they want to “do their talking with propaganda ads” instead. Yeah, I can’t imagine why the NRA would feel they wouldn’t get a fair shake.

The attacks on the nation’s law-abiding gun owners continued with Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez accusing members of the NRA of not caring about violence in the country.

“Everyday, we’re losing people’s lives in this country, losing in our big cities, and those lives seem not to matter to folks in the NRA and others. We lose them often in low-income communities and black and brown communities, and there’s no resources put into understanding those problems, where those guns are coming from, and when we have a mass shooting like this, it highlights it because it puts everyone on the edge, but we don’t have those further conversations,”

I can tell Eric Gonzalez that I married a woman who lived in a low-income, high-crime community and the gang members and drug dealers had no problem whatsoever getting ahold of guns illegally. Good people in her bad neighborhood, on the other hand, were stymied by New Jersey’s restrictive laws. I care very much about what happens in these communities. I just know the answer isn’t to toss young men in prison, most of whom have no criminal record, for simply possessing a firearm without a license as Gonzalez does every day.

The one-sided affair continued with calls for banning semi-automatic firearms, a re-interpretation of the Heller decision to allow for almost any gun control law imaginable, and even more denunciations of legal gun owners and the NRA. I confess that I didn’t watch the “town hall” live. Like most gun owners, I knew what it was going to be even before it aired, so I watched Pokemon: Detective Pikachu with my kids instead. It was certainly less predicable than Chris Cuomo and his colleagues at CNN attacking gun owners, pushing gun control, and generally pretending that the Constitution is no impediment to turning the right to keep and bear arms into a privilege for the few, instead of a right for all law-abiding Americans.