D-List Celebrity Says He's Coming For Your 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'

D-List Celebrity Says He's Coming For Your 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'

You may know Larry Wilmore from his years as a correspondent on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” or maybe his guest appearance on “The Office.” Maybe you don’t know who Larry Wilmore is at all. In that case, meet the latest kinda-sorta celebrity who says he’s coming for your guns. Or, more specifically, your “weapons of mass destruction.”


No, Larry, you’re not coming for my guns or whatever you want to call them. You’re going to continue to sit on a stage, talking to your fellow anti-gun nuts about how you’re gonna come for our guns. Maybe you’ll get really angry and you’ll tweet about how you’re coming for our guns. But you, Larry Wilmore, aren’t actually going to do anything with my guns and you know it. You’re just another iteration of the Internet Tough Guy meme, bloviating about things you’ll never actually do and having imaginary conversations with a strawman of your own invention.

“Hey, don’t come for my gun.”

“I’m not coming for your gun, mother****er, I’m coming for your weapon of mass destruction.”

“Well it’s my constitutional right.”

“Okay, I got sarin gas in my garage…”

“You can’t have that!”

“Exactly, I can’t have that mother****er! Because it’s a weapon of mass destruction! Just like you can’t have a weapon of mass destruction.”

I hate to break it to him, but under Larry Wilmore’s definition of “weapon of mass destruction,” he wouldn’t need sarin gas in his garage. A car would suffice. After all, we’ve seen attacks using vehicles both at home and abroad for well over a decade now, including the Nice, France attack that left 82 people dead and more than 400 wounded.


I suppose Larry could try to change the language and get his fellow gun-banners to start calling guns “weapons of mass destruction,” but that wouldn’t be anything new. The gun control movement has been much more effective at changing language than changing laws over the last 30 years. They’ve created meaningless phrases like “assault weapons” and “gun show loophole” and have attempted to re-brand gun control on multiple occasions. First, it was “gun violence prevention” and now it’s “gun safety,” but it’s still the same anti-gun movement it’s always been. Larry Wilmore and gun control activists don’t seem that interested in actually targeting the relatively few individuals killing their fellow Americans. Nope. They’re much more interested in going after the 100,000,000 law-abiding Americans who own firearms instead.

“We’re spending a lot capital trying to ferret out mentally ill people so they can’t acquire these WMD’s. We need to look at this the other way around. Maybe the people buying these WMD’s are the ones who are mentally incapacitated. So rather than background checks, how about foreground checks? How about checking the list? ‘Oh, this mother****er bought one of these, let’s go to his house.’

“There must be something wrong with you. We’re going to have to take it away because you are not well. That’s what we need to do. Change the language. Change the way we think about this, and seriously some of these things we cannot call guns.”


Yep, Wilmore says if you buy a semi-automatic rifle you must be mentally ill. I’m sure mental health advocates are going to love him for that. And I’m not sure how confiscating firearms from tens of millions of Americans would really work in practice, but Larry’s apparently all on board with trying to change the language and not only turn the most commonly sold rifle in America today into a “weapon of mass destruction,” but to turn “republic” into a word that means “authoritarian police state” as well.

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