"Bipartisan" Support for A Gun Ban, Tony Katz, And The Politics Of Fear

On today’s episode, we dive into NY Republican Rep. Peter King’s support for an “assault weapons ban,” and why it’s not so surprising to see this Republican jump on board the anti-gun bandwagon.


Tony Katz of WIBC in Indianapolis, Indiana joins the show to talk about whether or not he’s seen any evidence of a shift in public opinion towards more gun control. According to a new poll, suburban women are demanding gun control in huge numbers, but is that really the case?

It very well could be, since gun control groups and the media are doing their best to make people terrified to send their kids to school, to play outside, or to take the family out to dinner. Both anti-gun groups and the news media benefit from the politics of fear, but the American people are paying the price for their scare tactics.

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