Cam & Co: Teen Banned From School After Target Shooting With Mom

On today’s program, we have the very latest on the Colorado teen banned from school after his mom took him on a target shooting trip to the mountains. Lesley Hollywood, the founder of Rally for Our Rights in Colorado, first broke the story and she joins Cam & Co. to talk about the problems with the state’s “Safe2Tell” program, and why she’s concerned that Colorado’s new “red flag” law, which goes into effect in January of 2020, is also going to lead to abuse and false reports.


Plus, Chris and Casey Keefer of the new Travel Channel show Code of the Wild drop by to talk about their latest adventures, from spending a month in the Amazonian rainforest to tracking down Aztec gold in the mountains of Utah. The brothers are no strangers to exploring harsh environments, but now they’re trying to solve some of history’s greatest mysteries in a show that spans the globe.

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