California Protestors Demand End To San Diego Gun Show

After a court order was issued blocking a ban on gun shows at the San Diego-area Del Mar Fairgrounds, the Crossroads of the West Gun Show returned to southern California this weekend, complete with crowds and protests.

Dozens of gun control activists dressed in orange made it known they wanted the Crossroads of the West Gun Show out of their neighborhood.

“We’re here because we don’t feel its right that there are gun shows on state property. There are a lot of loopholes and the rules aren’t strictly enforced,” said Shirley Platzer, a Solana Beach resident.

How much would you wager that Shirley’s never actually been to a gun show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, or any other gun show in California? There are no “loopholes” at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show. Not only does every gun sale go through a background check, but every sale is subject to California’s 10-day waiting period for firearms. Nobody is walking out of the gun show with a new firearm unless they actually went through the background check and purchased the firearm from a retailer at least a week and a half earlier, and made arrangements to pick it up at the gun show. Gun control activists like Shirley should be praising the laws surrounding California’s gun shows, but instead they’re still trying to shut down gun shows entirely.

These efforts by gun control activists, including lawmakers who are attempting to ban gun shows through legislation, are blatant attempts to erode a culture of lawful gun ownership in the state. Make it as hard as possible to own a gun, to buy a gun, and to train with a gun, and you’ll have fewer Californians who make the effort to exercise their constitutional rights.

With the gun show returning to the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Assemblymember Todd Gloria, who issued legislation that would ban the sale of guns and ammunition at the Del Mar fairgrounds, released the following statement:

“The return of the gun shows to the Del Mar Fairgrounds is disappointing despite overwhelming community concern, consistent support from California voters for tighter gun restrictions, and the increase in mass shootings throughout the country.

This is emblematic of the ‘guns over people’ mentality that I believe must be addressed. Fortunately, the fight is not yet over. I believe the misguided court decision that led to the return of the gun show will be overturned and I am hopeful Governor Newsom will sign into law our bill to end the gun shows at the Fairgrounds once and for all.

The time for thoughts and prayers are over. It’s time for action and for us to prioritize people over guns.”

Again, there is no difference between someone selling a gun at a gun show in California and someone buying a gun at a gun store in California. Gloria’s being incredibly disingenuous here, and he veers into outright dishonesty when he claims that allowing a gun show to take place at a government-owned facility is somehow indicative of “guns over people”. What he and other protestors really want is to put gun prohibitionists ahead of supporters of the 2nd Amendment, and to put insurmountable barriers between Californians and the rights they hold dear.