Aussie Activists Target Author Of Popular Gun Blog

Australia is the Promised Land for many American gun control activists. They heap praise on the country’s sweeping gun ban and confiscation, and to listen to them tell it, if the United States would only take the same steps to go gun-free, we could live in a public safety paradise. It’s rare, however, for those American activists to mention the gun control movement in Australia today for some reason. Maybe it’s because the number of guns in Australia is higher now than when the gun ban was instituted, which indicates that the gun ban didn’t destroy a lawful culture of gun ownership. Or maybe it’s because the gun control activists in Australia are so intolerant that they’re now going after a police officer for authoring a popular gun blog.


A popular Australian gun blog, Ozzie Reviews, which is frequently critical of firearms laws and posts far-right political content, is run by a serving Queensland police officer with formal permission from his superiors.

Police records obtained by Guardian Australia show the senior constable, Corrie Dixon, was given a $6,300 taxpayer grant to attend a specialist firearms training course in the US three years ago as part of his police training.

Dixon has run his blog and online business Ozzie Reviews – which has a presence on Facebook, YouTube and Patreon – since 2012.

He claims online to have made income from contract shooting, content subscriptions and selling merchandise. He does not publicly represent himself as member of the Queensland police.

What exactly is the problem here? Are police officers not allowed to have an opinion about the gun laws in Australia? Apparently not, at least not according to gun control advocates.

Samantha Lee, the chair of Gun Control Australia, said: “It is disturbing that a police officer whose job it is to enforce gun laws is publicly informing and showing people … how to work towards dismantling them.

“Police officers are often the first ones at the scene of gun massacres and firearm homicide. The last thing this country and police force needs is a police officer pushing an American-style gun culture and promoting general access to assault rifles.”


Perhaps Ms. Lee should ask this officer why he doesn’t support her gun control plans instead of simply calling it “disturbing” that a police officer wouldn’t be on-board with sweeping gun bans and confiscations of legally owned firearms. Is it really “disturbing” to see a police officer “informing and showing people” how to be more effective voters? I have a feeling it’s not the activism of the officer that really bugs gun control activists, but the positions that he holds. If this same officer had a blog in which he wrote about the need to ban all guns in Australia, Samantha Lee would likely hold a dinner in his honor.

This is another example of gun control activists going after gun owners in addition to their firearms. It’s not enough to ban and confiscate millions of guns. They must silence gun owners themselves. I’m surprised we haven’t seen demands by gun control activists in Australia to fire police officer Corrie Dixon because he dared to express his point of view online, but give it a few days. In the meantime, if you want to send Dixon some extra web traffic, you can find his YouTube videos here.


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