Virginia Second Amendment Supporters Back Sanctuary Resolutions

Right now there are only two Second Amendment Sanctuary counties in the commonwealth of Virginia, but that number could soon grow by leaps and bounds. Campbell County Supervisor Charlie Watts, Jr., who sponsored his county’s resolution that was approved last week, tells Bearing Arms that he’s heard from elected officials and gun owners in 10-15 counties asking for copies of the resolution or seeking more information about the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement.

On today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. I talk with Supervisor Watts about what led him to call for the resolution, what it means in light of the impending gun control laws almost certain to be approved by the state’s new anti-gun legislative majority, and why he’s hoping other counties soon follow suit.

I attended my local county supervisors’ meeting last night to ask them to approve a similar resolution. Walking in, I expected I would be the only one to speak in favor of the resolution, but was pleasantly surprised when the first person to speak during the public comment section also brought up her concerns about new gun control laws and asked the supervisors to approve a resolution similar to the one passed by Campbell County.

My local county commissioners said they were aware of the resolution in Campbell County, and have asked the county attorney to take a look at the resolution to make sure there are no legal issues. I expect that we’ll see a vote on a resolution at the next meeting, but will continue to follow up with my county supervisor and sheriff in the meantime.

I would strong encourage every gun owner reading this to reach out to their own local officials, whether you live in Virginia or not, and ask them to support a resolution that clearly states that no county funds or personnel will be used to enforce unconstitutional gun laws, and that the county will (in the words of the Campbell County resolution), “oppose unconstitutional restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms through such legal means as might be expedience, including without limitation court action.” You can read the entire resolution here, and it may serve as a template for other counties across Virginia in the coming weeks.

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