2A Sanctuary Roundup- Ten Counties Adopt Resolution In One Day

The resolutions were approved across the state, from Allegheny County in far western Virginia to Middlesex and Gloucester County on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, and the vast majority of the counties approved the resolutions unanimously.

Here’s the full list of counties adopting resolutions on Tuesday, according to the Virginia Citizens Defense League:

Alleghany County
Amherst County
Culpeper County
Gloucester County
Goochland County
King George County
Middlesex County
Orange County
Page County
Roanoke County

Thousands of gun owners and Second Amendment supporters were out in force on Tuesday, even in locales where no vote was scheduled. In Virginia Beach, for instance, a crowd estimated at about 1,500 people turned out to demand the City Council place a resolution on the next city council agenda, while in Fairfax County a capacity crowd implored the northern Virginia enclave to adopt a resolution of its own. Fairfax County supervisors rebuffed the crowd, but gun owners fared better in Virginia Beach, where council members will at least consider the resolution.

I was in Goochland County Tuesday evening, where at least 300 people jammed in to the meeting room to show their support for the Second Amendment and opposition to new gun control laws.

A county employee I spoke with said he couldn’t remember ever seeing a crowd like the one that showed up Tuesday evening, which is a sentiment that’s been repeated quite a bit throughout the Commonwealth over the past few days.

In Gloucester, hundreds of supporters stood outside the courthouse where the board of supervisors meeting was taking place because they simply couldn’t fit any more folks inside the building.

The roughly 40 members of the public who spoke had two minutes each. There was a range of opinions, but based on the cheers and jeers, it was clear those who opposed the resolution were in the minority of those in attendance.

I’m actually somewhat surprised we haven’t seen a Moms Demand Action presence at any of these county board of supervisors meetings in an attempt to oppose these measures. In Goochland County on Tuesday evening, there were a total of two individuals opposed to the 2A resolution, while nearly 300 had signed a petition indicating their support.

There are a handful of counties that will consider their own resolutions today. I’m hoping to get to Fluvanna County’s meeting, which begins at 4 p.m. this afternoon, so my posting here at Bearing Arms may be a little light this afternoon, but if I can get out there, I’ll have an update on the site this evening.

I’ll also be speaking to the Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Philip Van Cleave on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. about the latest developments in the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, including the growing number of sheriffs and commonwealth’s attorneys (local prosecutors) who are embracing the movement as well. Be sure to tune in, and if you’re a Virginia gun owner, make sure you’re at your next county supervisors meeting, especially if they have not yet voted on a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution yet.