Northam, Virginia Dems Threaten 2A Defenders

On today’s Bearing Arms Cam & Co., I’m joined by retired NYPD Detective Rob O’Donnell to talk about a variety of topics, including the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement in Virginia and the threats by Governor Ralph Northam and Democrat lawmakers in the state to punish public officials who refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun laws, or even send in the National Guard to somehow enforce the Democrats’ proposed gun control policies.


Rob’s been talking to a number of law enforcement officers in the state who say they have no desire or plans to confiscate any firearms, and he raises the excellent point that none of the lawmakers writing these unconstitutional proposals would have to enforce the law that they create.

Before we get into the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, however, we talk about the attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola, where Rob’s son is stationed. In fact, Rob’s son was at the building where the shooting occurred, and Rob describes hearing the sound of gunshots as his son called him on his cell phone.

Rob also has a personal connection to the attack in Jersey City this week. Joseph Seals, the Jersey City officer who was killed, was on the board of Brothers Before Others with Rob, and Rob lets us know a little more about the man behind the badge, as well as delivering a blistering rebuke to those politicians who tried to turn his death and deaths of civilians into talking points for their pet causes.

Also on today’s program we’ve got the story of an Illinois woman who defended herself against her ex, but still ended up behind bars thanks to Illinois’ screwy gun laws, the ex-con who was caught sexually assaulting a woman in her bedroom when he should have been in a jail cell, and a Good Samaritan who helped officers rescue a pregnant woman whose car ended up in an icy Ohio pond.


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