After $100-Million Ad Buy, Bloomberg Still Waiting For Presidential Polling Bounce

Former New York Mayor and current gun control sugar daddy Michael Bloomberg is spending more than $4-million a day on campaign ads in an effort to introduce himself to America’s voters, but so far they just don’t seem that into him.

Two new polls released Thursday show Bloomberg still stuck in the mid-single digits, which is where he began his presidential campaign almost a month ago. In fact, the last five national polls have Bloomberg pulling in no more than 5% of primary voters in the crowded field for the Democrats’ presidential nomination, and the numbers don’t look any better when you look at polling that focuses on individual states.

Bloomberg scored 0% in a new poll of Iowa voters, which could be blamed on the fact that his campaign has largely skipped out on campaigning in the state in favor of focusing on Super Tuesday primaries that will take place in March of next year. According to, Bloomberg has been on an advertising blitz in delegate-heavy states like California, Texas, and Florida. I’ve not been able to find any polling conducted in Florida since Bloomberg jumped in to the race, but a poll from California released earlier this week showed the anti-gun billionaire with the support of a whopping 3% of primary voters, while a CNN poll of Texas Democrats had Bloomberg in 5th place with 5% of the vote.

That’s not a lot of bang for his bucks, frankly. Even worse for Bloomberg is the fact that Joe Biden keeps stumbling along in first place, with socialist Bernie Sanders and socialist-adjacent Elizabeth Warren trailing behind. When Bloomberg officially entered the race on November 24th, Biden’s standing in the Real Clear Politics polling average was 29.2%. Today it’s 27.8%, which is well within the margin of error.

Bloomberg, on the other hand, has seen his polling numbers climb from 2% to 5% over the same time period. Now, you could spin this and say that his support has doubled, but he’s still a distant 5th in most polls. Another troubling sign for Bloomberg is that his poling average is actually down from its high of 5.5%, which he last reached on December 12th. As a matter of fact, Bloomberg’s been treading water for the past week and a half, while it’s Sanders the socialist who’s been closing the gap with Biden.

Of course, a lot of folks are speculating about a contested convention, but if Bloomberg is going to stand a chance of success in that scenario, he’s going to need to rack up the lion’s share of his delegates on Super Tuesday. He still has time, but nearly a month into his presidential bid, it’s looking like like Bloomberg’s money can’t buy him the love or even the support of most Democrats.