As Social Media Cracks Down On 2A Content, How Do We Stay Engaged?

We’ve talked a bit about Facebook/Instagram’s new policy that bans branded content involving firearms and what that might mean for users of the platforms, but I’m really pleased to have someone who actually has some institutional knowledge of the Facebook environment join me for today’s Bearing Arms Cam & Co.


Chuck Rossi is the co-founder of Open Source Defense and a former Facebook engineer who spend more than a decade with the company, including a couple of years as a Subject Matter Expert, or SME, dealing with firearms-related issues on the platform.

Chuck wrote a great column recently about how gun owners and Second Amendment supporters can continue to use these platforms, and others like YouTube, in the face of what appear to be arbitrary and capricious decisions by the companies to limit the speech or reach of Second Amendment advocate and influencers, and we use that as the springboard to a broader conversation that touches on the best ways to remain engaged, whether or not its time for these social media platforms to face more government regulation, and the importance of cultural outreach in places like Silicon Valley to help swell the ranks of gun owners and 2A defenders.

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