Woman Uses Gun To Defend Herself After Being Run Off Alabama Interstate

Woman Uses Gun To Defend Herself After Being Run Off Alabama Interstate

A woman in Limestone County, Alabama is safe today, thanks to the fact that she had a gun for self-defense. According to the Limestone County sheriff’s office, the woman was was forced to flee a home on Sunday after 34-year old Charles Baker got physical with her during an argument.


As the woman sped away, Baker took off after her, and eventually caught up to her on Interstate 65, where he proceeded to run her off the road.

Court documents say Baker followed the victim up Interstate 65 North and ran her vehicle off the road while chasing her. It also says the incident could have caused injury or damage to the victim or other drivers.

Baker tried to stop her and get in front of her vehicle. That’s when deputies say she pulled her pistol on him. He fled the scene after seeing her gun.

Deputies later found Baker at the intersection of Thatch and Clem Roads. They searched his vehicle and found meth in his car.

Believe it or not, despite the physical threat to the woman and the meth found in Baker’s vehicle, according to local press accounts, Baker’s bail has been set at a pretty low $2,500. He’s due back in court on February 13th, but chances are he’ll be back out on the streets long before then.

Who knows how this would have ended up had the woman who was attacked been unarmed. Will Shannon Watts and other gun control activists claim that this victim would have been better off defenseless? If they bothered to comment on this self-defense story, probably so. After all, they’ve spend several days now telling us that the average American just isn’t equipped with the knowledge and training to act in self-defense.


The truth is, this woman never even had to pull the trigger, but the presence of that gun in her hand was enough to stop her attacker. I don’t know if the victim here is an NRA-certified firearms instructor or a reserve deputy, but I’d be surprised if that were the case. Most likely, she’s just an average gun owner, and she was perfectly capable of defending her life thanks to the gun she possessed.

This story won’t get nearly the amount of media coverage that the shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas has received, but defensive gun uses like this where no shots are fired are pretty commonplace. In fact, according to researcher Alan Korwin, the vast majority of defensive uses of a firearm do not involve the trigger being pulled. As was the case in Limestone County, Alabama, a victim who simply has a firearm is enough to prevent a crime from escalating any further.


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