Bloomberg: We Can't Just Let "Average" Americans Have Guns

Gun control sugar daddy and Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg was asked on Thursday about the shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, and took the opportunity to blast the crazy idea that the “average” American has the right to bear arms for self defense.

Speaking in Montomery, Alabama, Bloomberg said that it’s the “job of law enforcement to have guns and decide when to shoot.” Of course, there are a couple of problems with that argument, starting with the Bill of Rights and the guarantee that “the people” have the right not only to keep arms to but to bear them. The Supreme Court has said that the core purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect the right of self-defense. That means Bloomberg’s on the wrong side of history and the Constitution when he proclaims that the average American should be disarmed and defenseless.

Secondly, Michael Bloomberg enjoys the protection of a virtual phalanx of armed guards. Personally, I think that’s great. Most of us, however, can’t afford our own private security teams. We are our own bodyguards. If Bloomberg seriously believes that only police should have the power to draw a gun in self-defense or in defense of another, he should replace his armed guards with a troupe of mimes instead.

“You just do not want the average American carrying a gun in a crowded place,” said the former New York mayor. Actually, I do want the average American to be able to exercise their right to bear arms, as more than 18-million Americans who possess a concealed carry license currently do. That also doesn’t take into account the millions more who live in states that don’t require a license or permit in order for legal gun owners to lawfully carry.

How sad as well that Bloomberg chose Montgomery, Alabama to declare that people don’t have a right to protect themselves. As civil rights activist and historian Charles Cobb noted not long ago, when Dr. Martin Luther King was mounting his first protests for equal rights in Montgomery, he knew the power of the gun for personal protection.

Protection was common, even if it wasn’t publicly acknowledged. You couldn’t live in any household in a rural Southern community without guns, and people weren’t afraid to use them. During the Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott, Reverend King had guns all over his house. Glenn Smiley, one of King’s advisers, called King’s home an “arsenal.” That’s a Southern thing. I’ve been in houses where guns have been in the nightstand, under the pillow, in the chair.

That may be a “Southern thing,” but it too is a crime in Mike Bloomberg’s world. We can’t have all these guns stored so irresponsibly, after all.

Bloomberg’s tone-deaf and hypocritical stance on self-defense and gun ownership place him at odds with tens of millions of Americans, as well as the Bill of Rights and the constitutions of more than 40 states. Unfortunately, his position on the right to bear arms is also indistinguishable from every other Democrat running for president.