What Does 2020 Hold For The Second Amendment?

As is becoming the new tradition on Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co., this Friday’s show is all about you- your emails, comments, and questions.

We talk quite a bit about the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement spreading like wildfire in Virginia (and now Kentucky), but we also spend some significant time discussing the big challenges and opportunities we have when it comes to defending and strengthening our right to keep and bear arms.

From the presidential election to the Supreme Court to your state legislature, gun owners absolutely have to be engaged in 2020 or else risk the most anti-gun administration in history. And if Democrats take complete control of the legislative and executive branch in Washington, D.C., as they’ve done at the state level in Virginia, they’ll be ramming through unconstitutional gun grabs and restrictions on the Second Amendment before they’ve even caught their breath after taking their oath of office.

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