Zito: Gun Vote Key To Trump's 2020 Chances

In 2016, suburban women who owned firearms were a key constituency for Donald Trump. In 2020, however, many of these same suburban voters are going to be inundated with messaging from anti-gun candidates and activists like Michael Bloomberg. Will that 2A coalition hold together, or perhaps even grow? Or will Bloomberg’s billions propel anti-gun candidates into the White House, much as his campaign cash helped flip Virginia’s legislature in November of 2019?

One of the most astute political observers I know is Salena Zito, and she joins me on today’s Bearing Arms Cam & Co. to discuss the impact of the gun vote in this year’s elections, as well as how the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement may play a role in driving voter turnout.

If anything, the Second Amendment has only grown in importance for many of Trump’s 2016 supporters, and while the president expressed a willingness to work with Democrats on background check legislation in 2019, he backed away from that offer once Nancy Pelosi decided to go all-in on impeachment. Trump has also been able to confirm a huge number of judges, as well as two Supreme Court justices, that are likely to play a big role in protecting the constitutional rights of Americans in the years and even decades to come.

Zito says Democrats have learned nothing from the 2016 election, and while they may be calling for “commonsense” gun regulations, the specifics of their proposals are anything but commonsense. Instead, they target legal gun owners with a variety of infringements on their rights, while ignoring or coddling violent criminals who are actually responsible for driving violence in America cities.

It’s a fascinating discussion that’s relevant to every Second Amendment supporter, so I encourage you to check out the entire interview above.

Also on today’s program we highlight the failures of the criminal justice system in Minnesota, an armed citizen story from Jacksonville, Florida, and a Prince George’s County, Maryland police officer going above and beyond to help a homeless man whose life was upended when his wife died from cancer a few years ago.

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